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Can latent physical conditions lead to construction disputes?

Construction contracts are complex legal documents, containing all the details necessary for each side to agree on exactly what is to be done, when and how. If a party fails to honor its duties per the terms of the contract or if the parties to the contract have differing opinions on how it should be interpreted, it could lead to construction disputes and possibly litigation. There are a wide variety of reasons a construction contract in Massachusetts may be disputed, including differing site conditions.

Three common types of construction disputes

Getting a construction project underway is not always a smooth process. Oftentimes, construction contractors may run into communication and expectation problems with a large company or private homeowner. Anytime disputes occur, the entire project becomes vulnerable along with the workers and the entire outcome.

Bidding for private versus public construction contracts

When it comes to commercial construction projects, contractors and suppliers will bid on the job, and the property owner or developer will generally award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder. Bidding is different when the property owner or developer is a government agency compared to private contracts. It is important for the parties to construction contracts in Massachusetts to understand how the public bidding process compares to the private bidding process, so they can make informed decisions.

What if a Sudbury employer makes an honest payroll error?

Most employers in Sudbury value their employees and want to ensure their employees are properly paid. They dutifully comply with federal and state wage and hour laws. For example, if an employee is owed overtime pay, the employer will ensure that employee is compensated for the extra time on the clock.

Sometimes one must pursue a request for equitable adjustment

Construction projects are a common sight in Massachusetts. In fact, it may seem like there are always roads being repaired, buildings being erected or houses popping up everywhere. These projects can involve many parties, including contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. And, these parties will enter into contracts, with the expectation that they will be paid for the agreed-upon work they will complete.

How does one pursue a mechanic's lien in Massachusetts?

Construction projects in Massachusetts involve many entities. There is the property owner or developer, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Those who work on the construction project deserve to be paid per the terms of their contracts. Unfortunately, disputes can arise between parties, leaving some parties unpaid for the work they did. When a person does not receive what they are due per a contract, they may want to take action to recover what they are owed. One way to pursue payment and collection is to seek a mechanic's lien.

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