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December 2018 Archives

Settling construction disputes through mediation

There are many parties involved in construction projects, including the project owner, contractor, subcontractors, suppliers and more. With so many people working on the same project and entering into contracts with one another, it is no surprise that construction disputes could come up between the parties.

When can a Massachusetts employer lawfully withhold wages?

There are authorized payroll deductions where money earned can be taken from a worker's paycheck. However, there are many unauthorized payroll deductions an employer could mistakenly make. Therefore, it is important for employers in Massachusetts to understand when they can make a deduction from a worker's paycheck without possibly subjecting themselves to a wage and hour claim brought by an employee.

How do payment bonds operate in Massachusetts?

In an ideal world, when a project owner in Massachusetts enters into a contract with a contractor in the construction industry, both parties will follow the terms of the contract and fulfill their obligations towards one another in full and on time. Unfortunately, in reality this doesn't always happen and sometimes a wronged party will need to pursue a means for payment and collection. One way to do this is through a payment bond.

An overview of the tip credit for employers

Many employers in Massachusetts, especially those in the service industry, employ workers who earn tips. The possibility of good tips often makes these jobs attractive to workers. However, it is important for employers of tipped workers to understand what their obligations are regarding the minimum wage they must pay employees, so they do not violate federal wage and hour laws.

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