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Must all construction contract disputes be litigated?

Construction projects in Massachusetts involve many parties, so it is inevitable that sometimes these parties will have disputes regarding contracts they have with one another. These types of disputes are not unusual. However, issues such as breach of contract can cost the parties a lot in time, money, labor and opportunity. Therefore, it is important that claims involving construction contracts be resolved in a satisfactory manner.

What are some common reasons for construction disputes?

Contracts form the backbone of many construction projects in Massachusetts. Many parties, from project owners to general contractors, subcontractors and more depend on each other to perform the tasks they agreed to do. However, a variety of situations can arise where one party to a contract believes the other party did not fulfill their part of the contract. There are a variety of reasons why construction disputes can occur.

Seeking payment and collection in construction cases

When a contractor or subcontractor in Massachusetts performs work on a construction project or when a supplier provides goods for a construction project, it is natural that they expect that the terms of their contract will be followed, and they will be paid in full and on time. If these payments are not made, those owed money can suffer financially which could negatively impact the success of their business. When this happens, they may wonder what their legal options are.

Project changes may lead to a request for equitable adjustments

Even the most well-thought out construction projects can experience events that necessitate a change in a contract between the government agency and the contractor of the project. When this happens, the contractor could end up incurring additional expenses related to the project. Thus, contractors sometimes need to make a request for an equitable adjustment.

What employers should know before settling an overtime dispute

As an employer, you want to keep your workers paid and happy. Suddenly being slapped with a claim that you haven’t been properly paying overtime makes a mess for you, your business and your credibility. Before you jump to rectify the oversight, however, know that a simple out of court settlement is not going to cut it.

Should Sudbury contractors subcontract or hire workers?

When a project owner in Massachusetts is working with a contractor on a construction project, the contractor has the option of either entering into further construction contracts with subcontractors who will perform specialized work on the project, or the contractor can directly hire an employee. There are pros and cons to each choice.

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