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February 2019 Archives

How does a request for equitable adjustment differ from a claim?

In general, if the government causes the agreed-upon costs of a construction project to increase due to constructive changes or delays, then the contractor may want to pursue an equitable adjustment. Through an equitable adjustment, contractors in Massachusetts can be compensated for the increase in costs they incur due to the government's actions.

Bridge project in Massachusetts meets deadlines for completion

Erecting a bridge is no small feat, and it often takes several years to complete such projects. This can impact traffic in the area, inconveniencing motorists. So, it is preferable that such projects are completed by the deadlines included in the construction contracts between the project owner and contractor.

Wage negotiation: what not to say

The new year brings a new budget and, often, the opportunity to hire more employees. Many companies choose the first quarter as a time to build staff and prepare for a profitable year.

These provisions can help strengthen a construction contract

Contracts between project owners and contractors form the backbone of many construction projects in Massachusetts. It is important, then, to understand what provisions construction contracts should include to ensure they are both comprehensive and enforceable.

Bill introduced to eliminate tipped wage in Massachusetts

Many workers in the service industry in Massachusetts, including servers in restaurants, earn tips as part of their job. However, the minimum wage laws that apply to tipped workers differ from the minimum wage laws that apply to non-tipped workers, with certain obligations being placed on employers of tipped workers. In either case, Massachusetts employers should be aware that the laws regarding the minimum wage are currently in flux.

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