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These provisions can help strengthen a construction contract

Contracts between project owners and contractors form the backbone of many construction projects in Massachusetts. It is important, then, to understand what provisions construction contracts should include to ensure they are both comprehensive and enforceable.

Construction contracts should include a statement of work that outlines the scope of work that is necessary to finish the project. General conditions regarding each party's duties, rights, overhead costs and entitlements should also be included in construction contracts. If there are any special conditions, they can be included as an addendum to the contract.

Construction contracts can also include drawings. Oftentimes, contractors need drawings regarding the entire scope of the project before beginning work. A CSI MasterFormat Outline may also be required to execute each task involved in the project and to supply all the necessary materials used in the project.

Construction contracts should include a schedule of what parts of the project are to be completed and when. Sometimes, these schedules need to be updated. In addition, the agreed-upon payments for the job may be based on this timeline. Payments can also be based on the costs involved in the completion of the project.

A well-rounded construction contract can benefit project owners, contractors and subcontractors. Contracts are an important part of any construction project. However, because they are so crucial, it is important that all parties to the contract understand what they are agreeing to before signing on the dotted line. Legal professionals can be a useful resource to those entering into a construction contract.

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