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Massachusetts contractors cited for wage and hour violations

Most employers in our state follow the appropriate wage and hour laws, but sometimes mistakes are made. According to the Massachusetts Attorney General, in 2018, 66 construction companies received citations for wage and hour violations. In total, the citations amounted to nearly $1.5 million paid in restitution and over $1.2 million paid in fines. These violations took place both in the private and public sector.

Some of the claims involved paying improper wages and overtime; submitting inaccurate payroll records; failing to provide records for inspection and other wage and hour violations. One company in particular was hit with $585,000 in fines and restitution for not paying workers on time, not paying the prevailing wages and overtime, not providing workers with pay stubs and poor recordkeeping.

This serves as an example of how important it is that employers are vigilant about paying their workers properly. A wage and hour violation can result in thousands of dollars in restitution and fines. These citations could have a significant impact on a business's bottom line. Therefore, it is important that businesses do all they can to comply with all applicable wage and hour laws.

If an employer does find themselves facing a wage and hour claim, they should take all the necessary steps to remedy the situation. While oftentimes these matters can be settled, sometimes litigation on wage and hour claims is necessary to achieve an appropriate result. In either case, employers facing wage and hour claims may want to seek professional guidance on the matter, so they can make decisions that are in their best interests. Attorneys who work in the area of employment law for employers may be a useful resource.

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