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Assistance litigating or arbitrating a contract issue

A previous post on this blog talked about how many disputes about Massachusetts construction contracts wind up in arbitration. As that post explained, arbitration is a relatively informal process by which those involved in the construction industry can resolve their disputes efficiently.

Indeed, sometimes arbitration makes a lot more sense than going to court. On one hand, there are many important disputes that are, thankfully, either of a low value in terms of dollars or are fairly straightforward matters. Taking such issues to court can create unnecessary expense in terms of both legal fees and time in court.

On the flip side, sometimes construction disputes are complicated enough so that those who have knowledge of the industry, as opposed to a lay jury, are the best people to review and resolve the dispute.

At our law office, we understand that there are several routes to resolving a construction contract dispute. In addition to litigation and arbitration, our team also has experienced handling both formal mediation as well as informal negotiations, the latter of which can head off a costly lawsuit altogether.

We can evaluate the particular facts of our clients' construction disputes and help them choose the best option for resolving it. Once we do so, we have the legal knowledge and experience to represent our clients' interests diligently whether negotiating a dispute or using a more formal process. If it seems best, we will not hesitate to recommend taking a matter to court.

Our office understands that construction disputes often represent a crossroads for our clients' business interests. We are able to assist contractors, engineers, property owners and subcontractors in their business contract disputes.

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