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May 2019 Archives

Construction companies need to be aware of state regulations

A previous post on this blog offered an overview of some basic Massachusetts wage and hour laws, including laws about minimum wage. It is indeed important for employers in the construction industry to be aware of these laws, as not following them can land an employer in legal hot water.

What is my request for equitable adjustment gets denied?

This blog has previously talked about how contractors on public projects can request an equitable adjustment under certain circumstances. For example, a contractor may run in to unanticipated expenses that are not their fault, issues that affect the ability to get the project done or the government's need for a tighter timetable.

The benefits of mediation in a construction dispute

Facing a construction dispute, whether due to a broken contract, payment issues, unforeseen changes in the project or more, can be distressing. While this blog previously discussed the prevalence of arbitration in Massachusetts construction disputes, mediation is another suitable alternative to litigation in seeking a solution to a conflict.

Some basic Massachusetts wage and hour laws

Like other states, Massachusetts has minimum wage laws. Again like many other states, the minimum wage in this state is actually higher than what is required under federal law, at $12 an hour. The minimum wage will increase to $12.75 an hour in 2020.

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