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We handle common and less common construction disputes

Construction disputes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but any one of them can turn a business's investment in a construction project in to a financial disaster.

For instance, in pervious posts, we've talked about how sometimes a business affiliate on a construction project goes bankrupt or otherwise cannot pay its bills in timely fashion. In these situations, a contractor, subcontractor, owner or the like may need help collecting their debt. This will often require some legal assistance.

In other cases, there may be a good faith dispute about the terms of a construction contract. Sometimes, a contract may not be clear, while in other cases, there may be a mistake or some sort of changed circumstances.

For instance, sometimes it can be very hard for a contractor or subcontractor to know exactly how much a project is going to cost in terms of time and money until they get in to the job, even if they do a proper inspection of the area beforehand.

On other occasions, there may be a need to move more quickly on the project or give a higher priority than originally planned. In these cases, legal options to modify or even cancel a deal may be available.

There are also some disputes that are relatively unique to the construction industry. For instance, for public projects, construction firms and Massachusetts government agencies, or those of the federal government, must follow special rules and laws that can be quite technical and lead to disputes. Likewise, dealing with zoning issues, permit issues, and the like can impact a construction project.

Our law office offers services to construction businesses who may face a range of disputes and legal wrangling. Our goal is to resolve such issues efficiently and effectively.

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