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What are some common reasons for construction disputes?

Contracts form the backbone of many construction projects in Massachusetts. Many parties, from project owners to general contractors, subcontractors and more depend on each other to perform the tasks they agreed to do. However, a variety of situations can arise where one party to a contract believes the other party did not fulfill their part of the contract. There are a variety of reasons why construction disputes can occur.

Settling construction disputes through mediation

There are many parties involved in construction projects, including the project owner, contractor, subcontractors, suppliers and more. With so many people working on the same project and entering into contracts with one another, it is no surprise that construction disputes could come up between the parties.

Can latent physical conditions lead to construction disputes?

Construction contracts are complex legal documents, containing all the details necessary for each side to agree on exactly what is to be done, when and how. If a party fails to honor its duties per the terms of the contract or if the parties to the contract have differing opinions on how it should be interpreted, it could lead to construction disputes and possibly litigation. There are a wide variety of reasons a construction contract in Massachusetts may be disputed, including differing site conditions.

Numerous situations could lead to a construction dispute

The timely completion of construction projects can form the backbone of many essential businesses and housing developments in Massachusetts, not to mention the general infrastructure of the state. However, it is important that any contracts between contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, owners and developers are honored. When they are not, a construction dispute can arise.

The benefits of resolving a construction dispute with mediation

Construction projects are complicated and involve many parties. When contractors, construction companies and building owners disagree on the finished product or its associated cost, the circumstances may bring serious disagreements.

How to resolve issues of non-payment for construction services

Working in the construction industry is a rewarding, but demanding job. Ensuring receipt of prompt payment is unfortunately one of those demands.  If you are a contractor, subcontractor or supplier who has not been paid for the work you have completed, there are laws in place to protect you.

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